What Up

What Up

Recent consulting work had me traveling to New York City to meet with Jack Morton Worldwide. The web-based application they wanted me to develop involved creating an entirely "Web 2.0" environment so that their application acted more like a desktop application than a website.

The requirements of the app were management of projects, project tasks, and users; viewing all data in several views; filtering data using a powerful filter system; and emailing daily updates to team members.

Clarion Safety Systems, LLC

My previous full-time job involved developing a website that interacted with SAP Business One, synchronizing data between the website and the data stored in the company. The entire system was built on a beta e-commerce framework, but almost all of the coding needed to be scrapped and rebuilt from the ground up in order to fulfill the custom needs of the business.

Of particular note are some of the tools created, especially the Label and Sign Design Wizards, the product catalogs and categories, and the custom checkout process, all designed from scratch (registration required for some features).

Hazard Communication Systems, LLC

While no longer in existence, this website was the online presence for a company named Hazard Communcation Systems. When they changed their name to Clarion Safety Systems, they also switched the website that their company was linked to (see above).

The website may no longer exist, but snapshots have been saved at the Internet Archive. Clicking the website name above will take you there.

Personal Blog

As owner, I wanted a place where I could post new ideas and personal things about myself, but harvest people's email addresss so I could get in touch with them too. Most standard blogs allow this, but I also wanted to ability to customize the posts with whatever programming and HTML as I wanted to, and change anything on-the-fly. With that in mind, I created this blog, complete with authentication, tagging, and all sorts of customizable capabilities.


A client requested a simple website that one thing very well: the ability for a user to submit a design file that they had created in SoftPlan, an architectural CAD program, and have it rendered quickly. The user was able to also choose from several options to have the building rendered in a specific way, and a user interface was designed that not only requested these things, but also showed what a sample rendering might look like, so that as each choice was made, the graphic was updated. Also, all of this was done without Flash, which meant that the tool was available to all users, regardless of their browser or operating system. In addition to this, the site also came equipped with a live chat system.

To try it out for yourself, click here. When asked to upload a file, simply upload any .zip file to continue. In an effort to keep the spam on the site down, I ask that you do not actually submit your form at the end of step 3.

Pike County Woodworking

This company requested a simple site without too many bells & whistles to display who they are and allow potential customers to find out more information about them. Of particular note is the gallery, a special section that showcases some of their work in a very slick fashion. One requirement of the gallery section was that the company's users were able to edit the photos themselves, so every image and section that exists there is managed 100% by the users themselves, removing the time required for MataTech Consulting to update them for them.

MataTech Consulting

Yes, even this very site was designed from the ground up. Putting a basic site like this together only took a few hours, and is a testament to how easy it can be to have a site up for your business, even if it is a simple one, and to have it look clean and professional.

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